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Pleiadian Renegades through Amanda R. Ryan

Before we arrive in the skies, please know that you are much loved by a civilization that spans the stars.”

Seems the web is abuzz with speculation about dramatic displays of men from outer space showing up in your calendar date of October 14 of this year. We are not here to dispel that rumor, but to ask you one question: Are you ready to meet people who your ancestors called the gods? We do not call ourselves that, and neither should you. We are merely people of a different reality with a different understanding of what it means to be human. Of all the stories you’ve heard of our presence on Earth in other times and places, none of them is true to how our arrival will be for you now. A new reality is coming to your world – not just to a limited few but to everyone everywhere. It is something that in the history of your planet has never happened before, on the scale that it is in simultaneously with the awakening of the planet’s consciousness as it enters a field of living light. It is, however, as has been predicted by ancient scriptures and sculptures. These records exist for a reason, and that is to prepare you not to repeat the past but to step forward into a new way of being. So we ask, are you ready? It is up to you whether our appearance brings you peace or freaks you out completely. We suggest doing a little preparation work as much in advance as you can to avoid any undue stress as realities collide. If you’re ready to be ready, let’s begin.

Before we arrive in the skies, please know that you are much loved by a civilization that spans the stars. All of you together, and each individual close to our hearts we hold. It doesn’t matter how much you’ve screwed things up in your life or your family’s, it doesn’t matter what kind of pain your life has held, it doesn’t matter where you were born, what your name is, or if you’re not a nice person. Each of you is connected together to the fabric of love; each of you is known and cherished as part of the greater Self of whom we speak when we refer to OM. Rhymes with “home”.

When you think about all the ways in which the ancient myths and legends portray the gods of the sky, those clothed in light, those who left cryptic messages about great truths, it is understandably meant as representational of what could not be explained by contemporary technology, right? Myths tell the story of what was observed and recorded by the people experiencing certain events with certain people of ability and knowingness far greater than their own. When a myth tells of gods appearing out of thin air, you must understand there is technology that can do that. This concept is not so alien to viewers of Star Trek, however. It really is as simple as flipping a switch.

For every age, there have been avatars, gods, holy men and saints. In your present age, you do not need any such figurehead to set your world aright. You need only recognize in yourselves and in each other the same spirit, the same power, the same clarity of mind and heart as any whose light has changed the hearts of humanity by lighting the way to love. You are your own messiahs, christs, bodhisattvas and saviors. Those who have come to your reality in other times and places were the preparers. Now the time of your awakening to your own divinity is at hand. Are you ready?

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