NEW! Feedback

“I love these pages… and your comments / essays. They are funny, light hearted but like an arrow… straight to the point. It grows well within me, metaphorically flowering true! thanks ;)”
Nikki, UK

“Like wow! This part [of my personal message] hit my heart and made me teary. I am so ready and open to new teachers and teachings, but most of all to hear my “home school” and recognizing? … Thank you so much! I absolutely LOVED the whole thing!”
Yvonne, California

“I just love your website. I love to come back to it at least once a week to see if you already updated your site. The messages are so constructive and positive, nearly all of them blow my mind… You are truly a missionary on humanity’s path. Much Love.”
Richard, Germany

“My message was so loving that I embrace all of the feeling in it totally… Thank you again for hosting that energy, I am so grateful to be loved. So grateful in so many ways.”
Karis, Virginia

“What an awesome message. Seems to be so many layers of meaning. They really know things about me!… Boy, I didn’t see that one coming, but these words touched a very hidden, protected area. The Pleiadians certainly get to the nitty gritty to uncover that which needs to be uncovered — thank-you my family! I needed that. They are correct in everything they say. Even I can see how I have tailored my recent behavior to avoid my fears about what I desire – and if I can ever get it. It sounds like I can get my head out of the sand and still get what I desire (it’s true and real form) without blinding myself to the truth. Family and friends have tried to tell me for years about how I look at things with a sugar-coating, but I only got angry at them for trying to tell me how to see things. Now I am ready for the truth.”
Vera, California

“So very glad to have found you. [through the post at mayanmajix] The eloquence, sincerity, humor, and love are duly noted. And truly appreciated. Looking forward to future erudite illumination. Thank you.”
Michael, USA

“Wow… I love my message and their way with words!… Thank you for the beautiful message! Love and Peace.”
Denise, Pennsylvania

“Your help and friendship have been priceless and a blessing I never would have thought I would be so fortunate to have. Thank you. I trust you are all well! 🙂 Much respect and love.”
Greg, Virginia

“Dear Maryann, thanks for getting back to us, we’ve been thinking of you since receiving your wonderful light filled message/story/intuitive look at how we would like to be in this amazing world so full of surprises at every turn. Just this morning Carol remarked that she felt that window on the world you offered had a transforming effect on how she saw things. For myself I was delighted and would like to hear any more you would like to offer on that idea of how to transform our lives – a kind of modified time travel… love and blessings and hugs.”
Bernard & Carol, Australia

“Thank you for your help. I will be mulling over the response for a while, I think. There are parts that were immediately recognizable and it has given me some peace in this strange spot I am in. So thanks again.”
Anna, North Carolina


1 thought on “NEW! Feedback”

  1. danielle said:

    I had a reading done for my teenage son’s birthday. The Pleiadians seem to know him as well as we do almost. They are kind, funny and the way they use language is truly amazing and beautiful!! The lovely Maryann they speak through, is down-to-earth with a huge heart!! This reading really helped us!!

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