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  1. lukeras88 said:

    i am in the need to contact pleiadians.
    i feel all the time that there is an important mission to be done in order to support humanity.
    i think i know the way of love, it is just very hard to me to work with it because i live in a big city, and radio, media, tv, microwave, and many other kind of negative energies negate my reality.
    i think i am about to wake up but i need pleiadians to intruct me and help me in my journey. please let me know if u can contact me or not, my email is

  2. opalescentwords said:

    from the Pleiadian Renegades…

    Our brother, we have been with you as you stirred from sleep, as your eyes opened and as you became accustomed to the light that you found yourself swimming in. We have always been with you and we always will be. We are part of you, as a matter of fact. You exist as a continuum, that being which you call Lucas being only one point in an infinite strand of light in the form of the thought “I AM”. It is in realizing this that you have encountered some feeling of discomfort in your sense of self. Everything you have been taught about your place in the universe indeed is set to change as soon as you realize this, so it is well that you seek to understand the reality shift in terms of how you can be of the greatest service to your self’s quest to serve love by completely allowing Lucas to come into resonance with the entirety of the I AM that is your eternal nature. That is a mouthful of words, we know, so we will help you by putting the essential elements into bite-sized pieces.

    First, understand that just because you have a certain feeling that you are a lightworker, you don’t necessarily need to limit yourself in any way by seeking an all-encompassing definition of what is your true nature. It’s a lot bigger than words in any simple language of words can describe. Allow it unfold and your understanding will grow naturally. However, we can give you something to chew on regarding your trans-dimensional identity. As you know, you have dreams and you feel resonance with certain pictures, animals, and writings, and these are clues about alternate realities that are part of your soul’s continuum and which represent aspects of your experience of self in those realities. Other aspects of your self seek re-integration of awareness of every other part, and so you could say that a future aspect of you is seeking reconciliation with its past — which is what healing is, at its core. In order for you to become whole, the shattered pieces of you need to be integrated, and that mans that dissonance must be brought to harmony, the shadows must be brought to understand light, the demons must be allowed to speak and have only to be thanked and they will be on their way. You do this by making peace with your experience thus far, and further along the continuum of time you do it by allowing your future self to bring wisdom to you in this now. Of course, you are an eternal spark of consciousness, so the future self and now self are actually one and the same. It is simply an expedient way to bring your attention towards a certain reality, having expressed an interest in knowing of such things as the interdimensional awareness you have been experiencing.

    Next, we would suggest that you keep yourself as focused as you can on the concept of making dreams come true. It is a particular talent of yours, as yet uninitiated, that you could periodically use to steer your path a little here and there. If you allow your life path to unfold naturally, you will follow the path your soul, in communion with the core of the universe, the starting point, the source of love in all its forms, has set before you as the most enjoyable and rewarding one. From time to time, if you’ve missed some detail that you would do well to explore, you will give yourself a dream to study. This is the point where you take the wheel and drive. Become aware of the messages you receive in such a way, and you will naturally become more aware of other sources of communication as well. We, who are of your future, of your family, of the group of souls with whom your soul plays the game of consciousness, watch you as you watch yourself in memory, yet while you can only meet yourself in the virtual reality of memory, you and we are only beginning the journey that will eventually lead to not only integration of awareness, but integration of reality as well. We will meet, and we will celebrate our reunion with great joy. Until then, we may visit while you dream, as you allow it to be.

    Lastly, we say this about your experience. You are witnessing an intense transformation of reality and feeling the effects of an increase in the frequency of all things as your planet enters into a field of charged energetic particulate soup, for lack of a more accurate description. What you are going through others are in various stages of going through as well. It begins as a process of awakening and becomes a process of integration followed by interaction with the other-dimensional aspects of self, recognition, and eventually leads to a sort of rebirth, in which a beingness is made aware of what love is as itself through doingness. More will become clear as the days go on. While recognizing yourself to be a lightworker is well and good, realize it is but one realization of self in the continuum of I AM. Learn all you need to know from this aspect of yourself, and use what you learn in service to love’s myriad forms. Learn what exists for you beyond what you understand lightworking to be. More will be revealed as you go along your path. Do not allow yourself to get stuck along the way, but be aware of those experiences which present themselves for learning from and gain healing of your being through. Remain in joy as much as you can, and remember that all you seek to know and understand is available to you through nurturing a connection within yourself to your divine nature, that point of light that exists at the core of every atom of your being. Focus within and seek to nurture that light and let it grow, let it fill your experience, let the light work within and without to purify and prepare you for fuller integration with your greater Self. All else is naturally on course and will happen at the perfect imprinted time for you, Lucas, to have the most enjoyable, rewarding — and absolutely the most directly divine — experience possible. Just allow it to unfold, and the communion you seek will naturally unfold as well. Be patient with yourself and know that we are always with you, always loving and guiding you, always listening and responding to your most bold and admirable yearnings to live more fully and be more of who you know, deep within, you are. Dear one, rest your mind and open your heart. The mysteries of all mystery will reveal themselves. Know we love you, our brother. Everything is perfect.

  3. hello dear pleiadians brothers of the golden light i dont know if its me or is true but i wish to know how i can stop jumping from parrallel
    world to another i know we have evolution working i think i’m at my 8 helixs but i am new and i wish to control this power. also i am meditating praying for earth health and the people in it hoping to stop the government to destroy it. Dark times is ahead but i keep my faith open and love open. So if ever you’d like to talk to me i try working on channeling and hope we can communicate there. thank you

  4. re9love9u9tion said:

    Just found this site & I love it!

    Hey, is it going to be the best party ever or what!?

    Hey Pleiadians, bring some of music ok!

    Want to dance & laugh with you one day & welcome you & ask you a million questions!

    Ready when you all are & sending love & thanks…

    time for the re9love9u9tion x

  5. hey opal just want to give you a fan i found on youtube maybe you already know but just in case here the link 😉

  6. Hey Sister!
    I have linked to you from the page i am developing for my artwork:
    There is so much power behind your messages!
    Much Gratitude!

    Love & Light
    Michael McDermott

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